River Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is one of the best destination for Rafting. There are suitable rivers are flowing high and low level as well as water is very pure in our River. River are flowing middle of the jungle there is no facility of modern road around the river. Many of the rivers are ideal for rafting and professional rafters are ready to give there service 24 hours. Some rivers are surrounded by greenery, hillside, waterfall, and snow covered river are available in Nepal.

Rafting in Trishuli

The river trishuli is close from Kathmandu, which is one of the famose river to short river Rafting. Rafting starting from Fishling and ending point is Riddi khola.the exhilaration of tackingchallenging rapides os followed by relaxing sections that allow time for admiring the surroundings.the river is open to rafting through the year, unlike other rivers where trips are not feasible during the monsoons.

Rafting in Kali Gandaki

The river kali Gandaki is medium length river. The kali Gandaki offers spectacular views of mountains and flows by charming little villages with no motor roads in sight. We can enjoy in Rafting time with temple and villages, this trip is a cultural one as well and the technical nature of the rapides ensures a busy time padding.

Rafting in Bhote Koshi

Another popular river for rafting the bhote koshi origionates in the Tibetan Plateau from where in flows down steep gorges to Nepal in the south. Naturally , ther landscape it flows through is rugged, adding thrills to the trip. It's a tough ride with class IV and class V rapids at the higher flows and class III in the lowes levels.

Rafting in Sunkoshi River

The sunkoshi is the ideal river for novices as it has no big,challenging repids. The surrounding scenery is beautiful and the trip is relaxing with mountain views to admire. The river run is a short half day of rafting through forested valleys and white sandy beaches. Combining an overnight stay at Dhulikhel, rafters can enjoy superb views of the Himalayas and a stunning sunrise the next morning before heading out to the river.

Rafting in Dudhkoshi River

Flowing down from the Everest region, the Dudh Koshi is a great river of eastern Nepal. The Hingu and Inku rivers flow this river greatly augmentingthe flow. The last 32 km of Dudh Koshi is highly recommended for rafting. It then flows into the sun koshi which makes it feasible to start a river trip on the Dudh koshi and end it in the Sun koshi.