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Tourism in Nepal

Tourism in Nepal

Nepal (never ending peace and love) is a beautiful country located between China and India. It is referred as a “land locked” country and features a number of different attractions and national parks. It is also home to the world’s largest mountain, Mount Everest. Where anyone can climb the mountain, simply visiting it is usually recommended. Nepal is not a tourist destination for those who are afraid of heights. Some of the mountains reach over 20,000 feet, and 8 of the world’ tallest mountains call Nepal their home.

Nepal is often called as a beautiful garden full of different flowers. Those different flowers are the indicators of different people living in Nepal having different culture,religion,festivals,language,caste etc. 123 languages are spoken in Nepal whereas 125 castes are found in Nepal. The each and every individual has their own culture. According to the culuture they celebrate different festivals. Due to the difference in religion of individual,they have to celebrate festivals according to it but still the each and every Nepalese people respect ones another festivals and involve themselves in celebrating on others religious festivals. Dashain is considered as the main festival of Nepal which is celebrated by each and every religion. The difference in religion,culture,festivals have never made the relation between Nepalese people weak but somehow it has became the biggest reason behind social harmony among the Nepalese people.

“Heaven is myth but Nepal is real”

The statement itself says that Nepal is naturally beautified. Watching those smiling mountains melts the heart,heals your inner soul. “Mount Everest” the pride of our country is naturally gifted. Nepal is the second richest country on flowing water resources. There are more than 6000 rivers,lakes in Nepal. The greenary of Nepal has attracted millions of tourists. The treks in the mountains,boating in the lakes,hikking in the dense forest,camping in the mountains,rafting in the rivers,cycling in the late night at the beautiful streets,safari and many more adventures makes the tourism more exciting

“Best pilgrimage tour in Nepal”

  1. Lumbini tour

Lumbini is the place where the Gautam Buddha was born. He is also known as the “Light of Asia”. He indicates the peace and we Nepalese are proud to follow the path shown by him. The tour in the lumbini will reamark you the most peaceful memories. You will get the great opportunity to know the history about Buddha. All the visitors will be able to know about the buddhists culture. There is “Ashoka Pillar” which has a great holy importance. To sump up,the tour will be amazing and you will get chance to interact with the “Monks”.

2. Pashupatinath Temple

Pahupatinath temple is the biggest and oldest temple of hindu religion. As there is presence of religious harmony,people of different religion used to visit the temple. It is listed in the “World Heritage Site” in 1979. There are around 492 temples inside Pashupatinath.Various religious activities take place here almost everyday. Sadhus (holymen) from many different countries especially from India, visit the temple to pay homage to Lord Shiva, the caretaker of the Valley.

  3. Patan Durbar Square

Patan’s Durbar Square is a concentrated mass of temples, the most stunning display of Newari architecture to be seen in Nepal. Listed as a World Heritage Site, the former Royal Palace complex is the center of Patan’s religious and social life, and houses a museum contain a array of bronze statues and religious objects. One remarkable monument here is a 17th century temple dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Krishna built entirely of stone. Krishna temple is the most important temple in Patan durbar square.

  4. Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is much larger and more spacious than Kathmandu’s and much less crowded with temples than Patan’s. The disasterous earthquake in 1934 destroyed many of the beautiful monuments in the square and it is now marked only by empty platforms where they once stood. The temple is also known  as the museum of art and architecture.  The most interesting fact is that you will  get the golden chance of testing the most famous and delicious curd(Juju Dhau) of the Nepal.

  5. Swayambunath (The monkey temple)

This Buddhist temple is proudly situated on the top of a hill in the middle of the Valley. The unique architecture of Swayambhunath is one of the most easily recognizable symbols of Nepal. From here one can enjoy a spectacular views of the Kathmandu City. Legend says,that long long time ago the valley was a lake and it was known as the serpent’s lake. The Buddha Vipaswi came to the lake and threw a lotus plant saying, “when this plant brings forth a flower, then Swayambhu, the self existent one shall be revealed as a light.”

  6. Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath is the largest Buddhist stupa in Nepal and is one of the biggest in the world. It is the religious center for the Buddhist population of Nepal and for Tibetans. This stupa is surrounded by monasteries and many small Tibetan handicraft shops. This stupa is reffered as “Chorten Chenpo” which means “Great Tower” or Great Stupa”. This stupa carries the great holy importance of Bhuddists religion.

7. Muktinath Temple

Muktinath temple is a “Lord Vishnu Temple”. It is worshipped both by the hindus and buddhists of the world. It carries the great holy importance. It is one of the “Char Dham” in Nepal. It is reffered as “Mukti Kshetra” which means “Liberation Arena”. It is believed that taking a round of 108 taps built in this temple will remove all your sin and will make you pure. This reason attracts local tourist as well as millions of foreingers in a year.

  8. Manakamana Temple

It is the important holy temple of hindus. It is a sacred place hindu goddess “Bhagwati”,an incarnation of “Parvati”. Manakamana was originated from two words “Mana” which means “heart” and “Kamana” which means “wish”. It is believed that if anyone makes a wish in this temple from the bottom of their heart then it will be fulfilled. You will be faciliated with cable car while entering  this temple.

  9. Janaki Temple

Janaki temple is a hindu temple dedicated to hindu “goddess Sita”. The walls 0f this temple have mithila paintings. It is also named as “Nau Lakha” temple as it was constructed on the budget of “Nine Lakhs”. This temple is related with the history of goddess Sita. This temple is rich in art and architecture.

  10. Gosaikunda Lake

It is a hindu temple abode of “Shiva and Gauri”. It is famous for the purest holy lake“Gosaikunda”. The holy lake was created by the “Lord Shiva’s Trishul”,so that he could drink the cold water to quench the heat felt in his throat after he drank the poison from “Samundra Manthan”. It is believed that bathing in holy lake gosaikunda will remove all your sin.

  11. Halesi Mahadev Temple

This pilgrimage site is for Hindus,Buddhists and Kirats. It is a cave with different historical importance. The three caves in this temple indicates the three eyes of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva hide himself in halesi cave to hide from demon Bhasmasur.

Top 10 best places to visit in Nepal

Nepal is a small country but talking about its beauty melts the heart of every individuals. Every places of Nepal is beautiful and unique in its own way. The visitors get chance to visit many beautiful places. so,some of the places are mentioned below:

  1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. It is the places of huge numbers of temples. It is famous for its religious monuments. The visitors can visit many museum,gumbas,temples and many other interesting places. The hiking in Kathmandu is always great experience. The short trip in Kathmandu will give you the experience of Nepali culture,food and their lifestyle.

  2. Pokhara

Pokhara is the most beautiful city of Nepal. It is naturally gifted and beautified. Pokhara is the tourism capital of Nepal as it is the base for treekers. Pokhara is the variant of “Pokhari” as the city has numerous ponds. Tal Barahi temple is also known as Lake Temple which is located on small island in the middle of phewa lake. The beauty of Pokhara will mesmerize you.

  3. Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp trekking is one of the most exciting adventure trekking in Nepal Himalaya. Everest base camp trek that Everest Base combine  the thrills and the challenge for adventure enthusiasts follows the path of the medieval trans-Himalayan trade route and passes through the some of the most Beautiful mountain scenery on Multiverse. Justifiably,this trek in Everest base camp and Kalapathar trekking is one of the most popular treks in Nepal, famous, not only for its proximity to Mount Everest and the high profiles of the mountains in the region but also for the home of legendary Sherpa people, picturesque villages, diverse ethno-cultures, colourful festivals and monasteries. The cultural setting of Khumbu has intimate connection with Tibetan Nyingma-Pa Buddhism. Beautiful monasteries scattered all around the area justify that it was a home for famous Buddhist saints in the past. You will feel warm by the unique way of serving the visitors by Sherpa people. Their culuture,love and care will make you fall in love with Nepal.

  4. Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base camp trekking is also known by different titles such Annapurna Base Camp as Annapurna Sanctuary trek, Annapurna BC treks, ABC trekking in Nepal or Annapurna Base camp hiking passes through the most stunning Ghorepani and Poonhill trekking route of Annapurna trekking area. This trek offers excellent views of many a majestic Himalayas and forms the major attraction of whole Annapurna region trekking exploration. Asian Mountain adventure provides update Annapurna trekking information.mountains reach over 20,000 feet, and 8 of the world tallest mountains call Nepal their home. It is one of the most loved trek by the tourists.

  5. Lumbini

Lunbini is known as the birthplace of “Siddhartha Gautam Buddha”. It is enlisted in the “UNESCO World Heritage Site”. The environment of Lumbini will give you peace and positive vibes. The place itself will give you the reason to smile.

  6. Mustang

Mustang is known as the “Desert of Nepal”. The religious place Muktinath Temple also attracts the attention of people. The special and unique taste of apple grown in Mustang will surely make you fall in love with Nepal. Even the dry landscapes of Mustang makes it look more beautiful.

  7. Chitwan National Park

It is the most popular destination for Jungle Safari tourist wanting to have a good experience of the regions wildlife. It was declared a national park in 1973. In 1984, UNESCO designated it as Natural World Heritage Site. The park offers protection to 56 species of mammals including the one horned rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, leopard, sloth bear, wild elephant, striped hyena, Gangetic dolphin and wild bison. There are an estimated species of birds, 126 species of fish, 590 species of butterflies and 47 species of reptiles in the park. A recent study also points out the over a third of Nepal’s total population is in Chitwan. The park is spread over an area of 932 sq.km and located in the lowlands of the kingdom. The forest cover is predominantly sal, interspersed with tall grasslands, small hills, ox-bow lakes and flood plains. The interesting fact is that you will get the chance to do the safari by elephant.

  8. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is one of the top hill in Kathmandu valley. It is located northern rim of Kathmandu valley, nagarkot is popular designation with overnighters who come for sunrise and sunset view and enjoy a quiet retreat from the city. It is just 30 km. east from Kathmandu city 20 km. northern from bhaktapur city. Its elevation 2,195 meter, is a scenic spot in bhaktapur district. We can see clear and excellence mountain view and other snowy hill perfectly form nagarkot height. It is famous for the Mountain View and sun rise sunset view in Kathmandu. The view tower placed in Nagarkot gives the best view of Kathmandu valley.

 9. Namche Bazar

It is a town in Khumbu Rular Municipality in Solukhumbu district. It is famous for its homemade yak cheese and butter. It is naturally beautified. We can enjoy the amazing views of Himalayn peaks from this town.

  10. Bardiya National Park

Bardiya National Park situated in Nepal’s western plain lands (known as Terai) and east of Karnali River. The park covers an area of 968 square kilometers and with more than 70 per cent of the park covered by sal forest and mixture of the grassland and Savannah forest. It is one of the largest and most undisturbed wilderness areas in the Nepalese lowland Terai. It was proclaimed in 1982 as National Park particularly to ensure the survival of Tiger and its prey species as well as to conserve a representative ecosystem of the mid-west Terai of Nepal. Now the park is recognized as one of the richest wildlife treasure of Nepal that hosts 30 different animals, over 250 species of birds and varieties of reptiles and aquatic animals. It is one of the few refuges for the endangered swamp Deer, rhinoceros and the Black buck.

Some of the health related issues and their preventive measure

While trekking the health issues are seen. So,it is very much important to adopt the preventive measures. For your health security you need a perfect guide and Asian Mountain Adventure never fails on providing health security. So,here are some the major health issues seen while trekking with their prevention :

1. High Altitude Sickness 

Reduction of oxygen and changes in air pressure leads to altitude sickness. Headache,vomiting,insomnia etc are major symptoms. You should rapidly adopt preventive measures after seeing the symptoms. some of the preventive measures are given below:

1.  You should drink a lot of water to prevent your body from geeting dehydrated.

2. You should avoid travelling from lower elevation to higher elevation.

3. You should avoid smoking,alcohol and should take enough rest.

  2. Frost Bites

Frost bite is the damage to the skin and underlying tissues due to extreme cold. It is mostly seen in the mountain climbers who come in direct contact with snow. The skin becames hard,pale and numb. The affected area aches and redness of the skin occurs. These are some of the symptoms. The preventions are:

  1. The warmth in the victims body must be restored.

2. The affected area must get bandaged.

  3. The tetanus vaccine must be given in some cases.

  3. Heat Stroke

It is a condition of sickness caused because of exposure to extreme heat and sun. Trekkers must complete their destination without being affected by heat and sun so due to this reason sometimes they might be the victim of heat stroke. Headache,dizziness,rapid and shallow breath,unconsciousness etc symptoms can be seen. So,you must be careful. You should adopt these preventive masures mentioned below:

1. You should drink more amount of water.

2. The victim should be immediately brought into air conditioning.

  3. You should dress yourself in light clothes to keep yourself safe.

4. Fatigue

It is the result of extreme tiredness from physical or mental exertion. Walking for the whole day carrying heavy bagpack and not getting limited supply of water and foods leads to fatigue. Aching muscles,sleepiness,blurry vision,poor concentration etc are the symptoms. You need to adopt preventive measures mentioned below:

1. Every trekkers should eat regularly to maintain energy.

2. A  good sleep is must necessary.

3. Drink more water and less alcohol.


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