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Kanchenjunga Sele Le Pass Trekking

Kanchenjunga Sele Le Pass Trekking

Kanchenjunga Sele Le Pass Trekking is best trekking in Nepal. Kangchenjunga is the third highest peak and Kangchenjunga trek is one of among them the Restricted Trekking areas in Nepal. Also one of the most remote and beautiful areas of Nepal. The region is unused to foreign visitors and still lies shrouded in mystery. This is the most  famous route form nature lovers. The feature of the walk are pleasant villages then in the high regions, glorious mountains and abundant wild life. It is located in the extreme northeast corner of Nepal bordering Sikkim (an Indian state) to the east and China to the North. Kanchenjunga Sele Le Pass Trekking is most famous for all type of views like mountain views, natural views and as well as best environment. Kanchenjunga Sele Le Pass Trekking is also known as a Kanchenjunga base camp trekking.

In this area includes musk deer blue sheep and for the believer. This trek begins at Tumlingtar, Taplejung, Bhadrapur or Biratnagar accessible by air than Ilam or Basantapur accessible by road. Soaring peaks, the Yalung Glacier and a wide variety of natural vegetation and agricultural areas can be seen in this region and magnificent views of Mt. Everest, Makalu and Kanchenjunga mass if will make the trip memorable. This trek starts from Mitlung and ends at Biratnagar. Give yourself chance to embrace journey of your life by joining with us. This trekking is a very famous among Domestic or International Tourists due to beautiful Mountains and Himalayas as well as beautiful views of lakes. This trekking is one of the most popular trek areas an beautiful and amazing experience of the Mountain and Himalaya. Nepal is a beautiful and best trekking destination of your journey. Nepal is one of the adventure countries for adventure lovers. Nepal is an amazing country for travel lovers.

Kanchenjunga Sele Le Pass Trekking also knows as a Kanchenjunga base camp trekking which is most famous route.  In this trek you can see 5140m height and you can also see most difficulty trek in this route. Trekking is a popular outdoor activity that involves walking or hiking over long distance or over long times, typically on buses or jeeps in natural environment such as mountain views as well as forests views. Our team will help you conquer every problem that may arrive throughout the journey.

Lodge trek: 20 Days. 
Type of Trek: Difficulty.
Highest Height: 5140m.
In km : 190.

How many days does it take to complete this trek ?
This exciting Kanchenjunga Sele Le Pass Trekking can be completed within 25 days.

Kanchenjunga Sele Le Pass Trekking Day to Day Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m) and transfer to Hotel.
Day 02: Rest day in Kathmandu. Overnight in hotel.
Day 03: Fly to Biratnagar, Drive to Phidim (270km), 6-7hrs. Overnight in lodge.
Day 04: Drive to Taplejung (1820m) start the trek, overnight in Mitlung (890m) 3 hrs. Overnight in lodge.
Day 05: Mitlung trek to Chirwa (1185m), 6-7hrs. 12km ↑ 410m ↓ 55m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 06: Chirwa trek to Sukethum (1560m), 4/5 hours, 10km ↑ 595m ↓ 110m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 07: Sukethum trek to Amjilosa (2450m), 4/ 5 hours, 8km ↑ 970m ↓ 60m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 08: Amjilosa trek to Gyabla (2730m), 5/ 6 hours, 9km ↑ 720m ↓ 202m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 09: Gyabla trek to Ghunsa (3410m), 4/ 5 hours, 10km ↑ 850m 105m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 10: Acclimatization Day in Ghunsa (Hiking to Ghunsa Hill (4000m) .Overnight in lodge.
Day 11: Ghunsa trek to Khambach (4100m), 5/ 6 hours, 11km ↑ 760m↓ 50m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 12: Khambach trek to Lhonak (4790m), 5-6 hours, 10km ↑ 750m ↓ 50m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 13: Lhonak Trek to Pangpengma, Kanchenjunga Base Camp (5140m), 4/5hrs, 7km ↑ 400↓50m. After lunch break descent to Lhonak. 4 hours, 8km ↑ 55 ↓ 400m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 14: Lhonak trek to Ghunsa (3410m), 7 hours, 21km, ↑ 100m 1350m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 15: Ghunsa trek to Selele- La phedi (4150m), 4 hours, 5 km, ↑ 750 m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 16: Over Selele La (4250m) and Mirginla (4645m), than Sinion La (4600m), to (3850m), 8/9hrs. 14km ↑ 600m ↓ 900m. Over night in Tseram. Overnight in lodge.
Day 17: Tseram to (4600m) to Oktang (4740m), 6 hours, 12km. 850m night in Tseram. Overnight in lodge.
Day 18: Tseram trek to Tortong (3000m), 6 hours, 13km ↓ 1600m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 19: Tortang trek to Hellok (Ranipull) (1500m), 7-8 hours, 11km ↑ 200m ↓ 1500m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 20: Ranipul/Hellok trek to Sinwa (1000m), 5-6 hours, 1km ↑ 50m ↓ 520m.
Day 21: Sinwa trek to Asahangpati (1600m), 6 hours, 9km ↑ 610m↓ 50m. Overnight in lodge.
Day 22: Asahangpati trek to Taplejung (1800m), 1/2 hrs. 5 km ↑ 210m and drive to ILam (5/6 hrs). Overnight in lodge.
Day 23: Drive to Biratnagar (170km), 5/6hrs. Flight back to Kathmandu and Overnight in hotel.
Day 24: Rest day in Kathmandu. Overnight in hotel.
Day 25: Transfer to the Airport, Departure on your Destination.

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