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Pokhara Valley Tour


Pokhara Valley Tour

Pokhara is a third largest city of Nepal, having its amazing landscape. It is a popular tourist designation and trekking starting point for Annapurna region. Yearly millions of tourist comes to visit Pokhara. It’s magnificent beauty easily drag out anyone’s heart and mind. It is very beautiful by its physical beauty with surrounding Himalayan range and snowy mountains, with magnificent lake of Himalayan pure and crystal clear water. Pokhara is very rich in its beauties nature have gifted so many things here in Pokhara. Pokhara is often called the enchanting Himalayan valley with a heart of major action and adventures. Pokhara is considered by many to be the most beautiful place in the wide world.

Pokhara is located about (200 km) west from Kathmandu valley and about (920m) from sea level. We can easily rich Pokhara it takes just about (6/7 hours) by bus/private vehicle and 25 minutes by flight. The Pokhara valley is low land version of the Kathmandu valley. With its average (920m) altitude its climate is soft and relaxing average (15-26C).

How to go to Pokhara:

Pokhara is about 200 km west from Kathmandu valley. Daily numbers of tourist buses go to Pokhara and it takes about (6/7hours), and it takes just (25 minutes) by flight. Micro bus is another transport for Pokhara it leaves Kathmandu within (15 to 30 minutes) these bus are available late afternoon, it is a local transportation for Pokhara. There are night buses to but is quite uneasy and painful ride. Tourists buses are little economy then flight, flight takes away hour from Kathmandu. Is it costly than bus but they have bonus of giving you a bird’s eye view of courtyard and Mountain View itself. It is very luxurious way to go to Pokhara.

Attraction of Pokhara valley:

Phewa lake.

Phewa lake is central attraction of Pokhara city. It is second largest lake of country. It is 1.5 kilometer long surrounded by combination of monkey filled forest. Mountain view is splendid here, especially when the still waters reflects the peaks crating a double range. there is tal barahi temple in the middle of Phewa lake. It is divided into two parts lake side and dam side. Most of the hotel are in the lake side and dam side is much closer and rowing there is a pleasant secondary way to tourist region. To explore Phewa lakes hire a boat for 2/3 hours and row yourself across the lake.

Begnas lake.

Begnas lake is located 15 km from Pokhara at the end of the turn highway to Kathmandu. Out of the town and hustle, Begnas tal is quite, clean and beautiful. Begnas tal is fascinating, the seasonal rhythms of daily life in the country make great image. Splendid boating and fishing can be here. So Begnas tal is another attraction of Pokhara.

Rupa Tal.

Rupa tal is another attraction of Pokhara. It is a remote lake in Pokhara, hence it is quite and beautiful, with limited accessibility and more scenery and unsploit compared to other. It has a great view and quite clean and clear water.

Davi’s Falls.

Davi’s falls is one of the most beautiful place in Pokhara, it is a most eligible attraction of Pokhara has great scenery and auspicious water fall. Its local name is Patale Chhango later on it became Davi’s falls. It lies south of the Pokhara airport and is amazing water fall with unusual way. It believed that a foreigner guy name David was undernourished in the pardi khola when flood gates of the dam were opened, sweeping into an underground passage beneath the fall and never seen again. It has many nick names like Davy’s falls or david falls all mean is same The Davi’s Water Fall.

Gupteswori cave.

Gupteswori cave is another attraction of Pokhara. It lies 2 km from Pokhara airport siddharth highway and in facade of David’s falls. Bottom of the cave we can observe ending point of David falls, 3 km long room a way.

Mahendra Bat cave.

Mahendra cave and Bat cave are two another attraction of Pokhara. Pokhara is city full physical diversity, there are two cave faced. They are about two hour walk from Pokhara. They are big lime stoned cave with beautiful scenery. Both caves are little risky, they are sloppy. This large lime stone cave is known as bat cave, we can see hanging bats on the wall.

Seti gandaki gorge.

Another amazing attraction of Pokhara is Seti Gandaki Gorge. Seti flood right trough the city undergroundly. It has huge Gorge which is deserve able to observe. It runs completely underground at many places. The gorge can be seen by the Mahendra pool with its deep line.

World peace pagoda.

World peace pagoda on the top hill of the Pokhara Phewa Lake. It lies on the top of the Phewa Lake. It is famous for sunset view in Pokhara. It has built around 16 years ago in pagoda shape. It is Buddhist sputa founded by a Buddhist monk by Japan named Nipponzan-Myohoji. The stupa offers a great place to see Mountain View and sunset in Pokhara. Most o f the people love this place to see magnificent scenery of Pokhara city and its territory, it is hilltop of Pokhara and clearly visible all the territory of Pokhara. It can assemble by hiring a boat across the lake and follow the beautiful track upward, claiming up through the forest but it is little risky during the monsoon period. You can take a taxi by street it takes just 30 minute through chorepatan or you can hire motorbike and go upward from its back side through Chhorepatan highway. It takes just the few minutes on taxi or bike and walk upward for 5 minutes you can get auspicious place and you feel heavenly in world peace pagoda in Pokhara city.

Sarankot [for sunrise]

Sarankot is another hill top of Pokhara city, it is head of the Pokhara city. Sarankot is famous Place for sunrise and Mountain View in Pokhara. It lies about 1600 meter from sea level. Go up the top for sunrise and sunset doesn’t disappoint you. Great views, spectacular images and a great taste to get like to be a trekking. You can hire a motor bike or taxi for Sarankot, it is slightly rough way but you will feel pleasant to reach there on the top of it. Sarankot is paragliding star point also, near down by its paraglider jump for.

International Mountain museum.

International mount museum is another attraction for Pokhara. It is only museum in Nepal for mountaineering and people from hill side. It is dedicated for mountaineering and people who love trekking or mountains; it is formally launched at 2002 may by Mountaineering Association Nepal. it displays life stale of people who lives in hill side, their cultural phenomena, cultural trail, mountaineering goods etc. it is a record and document constant activities in mountain and other mountain range. As we know Pokra is the second tourist in Nepal there are some importance and causes to established this museum in Pokhara.

Day to Day Itinerary:
Day 1: Arrival at triruban international airport Kathmandu.
Day 2: Sightseeing in kathmandu valley.
Day 3: Drive or Fly to Pokhara.
Day 4: Sightseeing in Pokhara valley.
Day 5: Drive back to Kathmandu.
Day 6: Drive to Nagarkot for Sunrise view and back to ktm.
Day 7: Final Departure or Join other Trek/Tour.

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